O-1800-1 Aviation Portable 1 Liter Atomized Sprayer System

Like all of our Tri-Con sprayer nozzles and accessories, the O-1800-1 Aviation Portable 1 Liter Atomized Sprayer System was proudly engineered, designed, tested, and assembled at our facilities in Cleveland, Ohio. Each hand-assembled product is also hand-tested before shipping to ensure maximum quality, making Tri-Con products the top choice for home and industry use since 1928. The air nozzle is engineered to withstand hard daily use, with a 100% zinc body that resists rust and will last you a lifetime. Tri-Con’s extensive line of spraying accessories makes it easy to customize a system that will suit your individual needs. Unlike our competitors, we only use top quality metal parts using brass, steel, zinc, and aluminum instead of weak and environmentally unfriendly plastics.

For use in Aviation only, the O-1800-1 Aviation Portable 1 Liter Atomized Sprayer System allows you to select spray tube length in 4’ & 6’ sections up to 24’ to ensure that you can use as much, or as little, as the job requires. The 7” spray tube is for spraying inside engines when rebuilding. A one-piece valve assembly makes maintenance simple and its 100% zinc body makes maintaining this commercial grade spray nozzle a breeze.

The best use for the O-1800-1 Aviation Portable 1 Liter Atomized Sprayer System is to spray rust preventive material in a fine, atomized, fog, on any metal surface. This system sprays light to medium oil based material like ACF-50 and CorrosionX. Each system includes our special flow brass control stem to ensure proper mixture of air and coating material. The Ergo-Correct full-hand pistol grip gives you functional on/off capability with a release or squeeze of the trigger handle. Remove the top D-Clip for quick access for rebuilding your nozzle. Any O-1800-1 Aviation Portable 1 Liter Atomized Sprayer System can be rebuilt using our V-F-C-125-ARK rebuild kit, giving you a lifetime of use.


  • The unit requires an air compressor with a minimum of 4.5 CFM @ 80 PSI
  • The unit operates between 40 – 120 PSI
  • Optimum pressure between 60 – 80 PSI
  • An air hose with a ¼” NPT female inlet
  • Connects to any standard 1/4” air hose
  • Has a wall thickness of 1/8”
  • Rated for 125 PSI Max
  • Thread Diameter: ¼’

Package Includes:

  • (1) One Liter Aluminum Canister with a 1” Mouth Opening for easy Pour of Thick Materials into Canister.
  • (1) Tri-Con Air Nozzle Body Complete
  • (1) ¼” OD x 4’ Steel tube with brass 360 degree spray tip & 36” Flex Tube
  • 0-1800-1-7”-T: 1/4” O.D x 7 inch steel spray tube bent to 45 degree threaded for 360 tip (360 degree tip not included-sold separately), ¼” x 36” plastic nylon flex tube with ¼” brass male connect/disconnect nipple and ¼”I.D x ¼” brass compression connector.
  • (1) 1/4" O.D. x 7" steel spray tube bent to 45 degree with crimped end for a fan spray, 1/4" brass compression tube connector, 1/4" x 36" plastic nylon flex tube with 1/4" brass compression connector and brass nipple connector

Assembly Instructions