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An image of a metal canister with a spray handle and a tube with a 7-inch spray nozzle rod attached to it.
O-1800-1-7" Portable Atomizing Sprayer System — With 7-inch Wand Kit

O-1800-1-7" Portable Atomizing Sprayer System — With 7-inch Wand Kit

Tri-Con Sprayers

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O-1800-1 Owners Manual & Troubleshooting Guide


Being Proactive about Corrosion Control Treatments is the Best Way to Protect your Investment(s)

 Trust the professionals at Tri-Con Sprayers to protect your investment(s). Who knows your need for a high-quality material applicator is no less important than those of commercial businesses. These systems are extremely economical and simple to use. They come with an assortment of wands for fogging material into wings, flaps, ailerons and other hard to reach places. Constructed of the highest – quality materials and designed to deliver exceptional performance, you can trust each and every time.

 Tri-Con Sprayers portable atomizing spray systems are proudly made in the USA, designed to last and are completely rebuild-able. Our systems atomize at the “head”, not at the wand. So, it’s fairly consistent from wand to wand. Developed to atomize CorrosionX, ACF-50, Fluid Film and other liquids into an incredibly fine smoke-like fog.  That allows the formulas to actively penetrate and creep into the tightest seams, lap joints, micro cracks and around rivet heads.

 The treatments are easy and inexpensive to apply. No removal required for re-application. Formula(s) are non-drying, dries out moisture, kills existing corrosion and prevents new corrosion from forming and will not interfere with NDT procedures. These formulas are safe to use on paint, most rubbers and plastic trims without leaving the residue of silicon. Regular treatments reduce maintenance cost, aircraft readiness; improve overall safety and protecting both the air frame and avionics systems. 


  • The unit requires an air compressor with a minimum of 4.5 CFM @ 80 PSI
  • The unit operates between 40 – 120 PSI
  • Optimum pressure between 60 – 80 PSI
  • An air hose with a ¼” NPT female inlet
  • Connects to any standard 1/4” air hose
  • Has a wall thickness of 1/8”
  • Rated for 125 PSI Max
  • Thread Diameter: ¼’

Package Includes: 

  • (1) Refillable 1-Liter aluminum canister with a 1-inch mouth opening for easy pour of thick materials into canister.
  • (1) All-metal spray-head, with patented material control valve, regulates material flow through the spray wand, H-136-S ¼” Steel Nipple and 1/4" Brass Coupler Complete.
  • (1) Tri-Con Air Nozzle Body with H-132 Adapter Nut Complete.
  • (1) O-1820 stainless steel 360 degree spray tip that threads into O-1800-1-7" tube or  O-1800-1-4" tube.
  • (1) 0-1800-1-7”-T: 1/4” O.D x 7 inch steel spray tube bent to 45 degree threaded for 360 tip¼” x 36” plastic nylon flex tube with ¼” brass male connect/disconnect nipple and ¼”I.D x ¼” brass compression connector.
  • (1) O-1800-1-7"-45-C: 1/4" O.D. x 7" steel spray tube bent to 45 degree with crimped end for a fan spray, 1/4" brass compression tube connector, 1/4" x 36" plastic nylon flex tube with 1/4" brass compression connector and brass nipple connector.
  • (1)1/4” O.D x 7 inch straight steel spray tube threaded for 360 tip (360 degree tip not included-sold separately), ¼” x 36” plastic nylon flex tube with ¼” brass male connect/disconnect nipple and ¼”I.D x ¼” brass compression connector.