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S-1/2HH-25-D NDT Rinse Nozzle
S-1/2HH-25-D NDT Rinse Nozzle


Tri-Con Sprayers

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  • Certificate of Conformance for NDT Rinse Nozzles including Trouble Shooting Guide & Replacement Parts.

    This NDT rinse tip and spray nozzle handle combo is all you need for rinsing penetrant testing material off of any and all aircraft parts. Our NDT rinse products have all been approved to meet ASTME E 1417 requirements for penetrant rinsing for aircrafts and aircraft parts. Our parts are made here in the USA and meet our high standard of excellence so you can be assured your sprayers will last as long as you need them to.

    Features and Benefits: 

    • Meets ASTM E 1417 requirements for low pressure rinsing of penetrant material from aircraft parts
    • Commercial grade nozzle body hand assembled in the USA
    • Engineered to withstand hard daily use
    • Body is threaded to accept all Tri-Con sprayer nozzles and accessories
    • Incredibly versatile
    • Bottom latch locks trigger for continuous spray
    • Top latch allows easy storage
    • Ergonomically designed pistol grip handle
    • Allows flow control and instant on/off with just a squeeze of the trigger
    • Body can be easily deconstructed by removing the top latch
    • Using our V-CRK rebuild kit, it can be easily rebuilt and maintained
    • Nozzle body is threaded to accept all Tri-Con sprayer nozzles and accessories.
    • Nozzle body can be sterilized.
    • Connects to any standard ¾-inch garden hose.


    • H: 4.5-inch W: 1 ¼-inch L: 3-inch 
    • Thread Diameter: ¾-inch
    • Wall Thickness ⅛-inch

    PSI Requirements:

    Minimum PSI: 5 

    Maximum PSI: 80

    GPM with Trigger Handle Fully Engaged:

    • 2.5 GPM @ 40 PSI

    Package Includes:

    • S-1/2HH-25-N:  NDT spray nozzle handle
    • S-1/2HH-25-ABC: ½-inch brass cone and adapter