An image of a Tri-Con water/air combination nozzle system
An image of a Tri-Con water/air combination nozzle system
An image of a Tri-Con water/air combination nozzle system

I-400-1 — Air/Water Pressure Wash System for Dye Penetrant Testing

Tri-Con Sprayers

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Combine air and water for extra force to tackle high-pressure cleaning, rinsing, and degreasing jobs — or wherever you want to save water. Your airline feeds into the petcock, and then airflow is controlled by a simple turn. Combined air/water pressure will come within 10% of air pressure input. The I-400-1 system connects your ¼-inch air hose directly to the 3/16-inch brass hose barb, which is then secured using a clamp.

Features and Benefits:

  • NDT Use / specifications compliance: ASTM E1417, AMS 2647D, BPVC
  • Fits any standard ¾-inch garden hose
  • Commercial grade materials hand assembled in the USA
  • Engineered to withstand hard daily use
  • Bottom latch locks trigger for continuous spray
  • Top latch allows easy storage
  • Body is threaded to accept all Tri-Con sprayer nozzles and accessories
  • Incredibly versatile
  • Able to be sterilized
  • Ergonomically designed pistol grip handle
  • Allows flow control and instant on/off with just a squeeze of the trigger
  • Body can be easily deconstructed by removing the top latch
  • Using our V-CRK rebuild kit, it can be easily rebuilt and maintained
  • Our exclusive 325 sprayer nozzle shoots a full cone spray on one side and can be flipped over for a high velocity straight stream.


  • Dimensions: 4.5 x 1 ¼ x 3” inches
  • Has a wall thickness of ⅛-inch
  • Rated for 250 PSI Max
  • Thread diameter: ¾-inch
  • Connects to any standard ¾-inch garden hose

Package Includes:

  • F-C-125-N: Heavy Duty Garden Hose Nozzle Body
  • E-C-325-CA Reversible Sprayer Nozzle
  • I-400-1-3 Pressure Booster Spray Head

    Instructions: PDF