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An image of the different components included in this pressure wash system rebuild kit from Tri-Con.

I-400-1&2-CRK Complete Rebuild Kit for Air/Water Combination Pressure Wash System

Tri-Con Sprayers

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Our air/water pressure wash system is an innovative and cheap way to get way more out of your garden hose and pressure washer without breaking the bank. This kit ensures that if you go with Tri-Con, you’ll never need another water nozzle.

This rebuild kit includes everything you will need to completely rebuild our spray nozzle body and the spray head for the I-400-1 & I-400-2 models. It includes the following items:
  • BB-103 Retainer Cap with O-ring
  • BB-104 Pack Nut
  • BB-106 Steel Spring
  • C-228 Internal Valve Stem with O-ring
  • V-016* O-ring for Water Outlet End
  • Vit-106 O-ring — goes over the brass valve stem behind the trigger handle and Pack Nut
  • V-1000 ¾-inch O-Ring Style Hose Washer
  • (2) V-112 O-rings — One goes into the back of the spray body where it threads onto the nozzle body and the other can be taken in and out of the reversible spray tip if you use both spray types (full cone spray and powerful jet stream)

*Please Note — Kit only includes one VIT-106 O-Ring. There are two pictured in order to show each of the colors that they can come in — either black or reddish