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J-700 Portable Abrasive Blaster /Air Blow Nozzle Combination Kit

J-700 Portable Abrasive Blaster /Air Blow Nozzle Combination Kit

Tri-Con Sprayers

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Designed to work with the efficiency of expensive pressurized blasters for a fraction of the cost, the Tri-Con J-700 is a fast, portable alternative to bulky pressurized systems. 

Patented metal aspirator tube is inserted into the bag, bucket or pile of dry abrasive or cleaning media. No cumbersome hopper is ever needed.

Ambient air and abrasive material mix in the aspirator tube to provide a constant flow of material to the work surface. 

Material volume/amount is controlled by squeezing or releasing the trigger handle, giving you the right amount of media flow. 

Squeeze the trigger handle and clean away rust, paint, dirt, graffiti, to name just a few. 

The J-700 also Doubles as a Air Blow Nozzle with 4" long zinc plated 3/8" steel wand with 1/4"adapter nut and 1/4" OSHA compliant tip.

J-700 Portable Abrasive Blaster Includes:

  • (1) Heavy Duty Air Blow Nozzle Complete
  • (1) Complete Blaster Body Nozzle with Ceramic Nozzle
  • (1)  6 ft Hose & 2 Clamps
  • (1) 17" Steel Zinc Plated Aspirator Tube
  • (1) 4" Long Zinc Plated 3/8" Steel Wand with 1/4" Adaptor Nut
  • (1) 1/4" OSHA Compliant Tip