I-400-1 Air/Water Combination Pressure Wash System

Certificate of Conformance

NDT Use / Specifications Compliance: ASTM E1417, AMS 2647D, BPVC )

The only difference between the I-400-1 and the I-400-2 is how your air supply connects to the sprayer. The I-400-1 system connects your ¼” air hose directly to the 3/16” Brass Hose Barb, which is then secured using a clamp. The I-400-2 connects your 3/8” O.D. air hose with ¼” MNPT Kwik Change Coupler directly to the ¼” MNPT Air Connect Coupling. There is, of course, no difference in quality. Every Tri-Con sprayer nozzle we provide has been designed, engineered, tested, and assembled in the USA. Since 1928, the professional quality, all metal Tri-Con S-1/2HH-25-N multi-purpose spray nozzle has been the top choice for the NDT industry. All of our nozzles made from premium quality aluminum, brass, zinc, and steel, and are hand assembled and tested when your order is placed.

The I-400-1 Air/Water Combination Pressure Wash System nozzle body is made from 100% zinc and easy to sterilize. The S-1/2HH-25-N comes complete with the patented 325 reversible tip and connects to any standard ¾” garden hose. A one-piece valve assembly makes maintenance and cleaning simple. The multi-purpose nozzle provides flow control and instant on/off with a squeeze of the trigger and the Ergo-Correct pistol grip keeps you comfortable as you work. The bottom D-Clip can be utilized to lock the trigger handle into place, providing a continuous spray. You can rebuild the I-400-1 Air/Water Combination Pressure Wash System easily with our rebuild kit V-S-1/2HH-25-RBK and the top D-Clip can be quickly and easily removed, allowing you access to rebuild your nozzle. Combine air and water for extra force to tackle high-pressure cleaning, rinsing, and degreasing jobs (or wherever you want to save water). Your airline feeds into the petcock, and then airflow is controlled by a simple turn. Combined air/water pressure will come within 10% of air pressure input.


  • H: 4.5” W: 1 ¼” L: 3”
  • Has a wall thickness of 1/8”
  • Rated for 250 PSI Max
  • Thread Diameter: ¾”

Package Includes:

  • (1) Complete Tri-Con Water Nozzle Body.
  • (1) E-C-325-CA Reversible Spray Tip.
  • (1) Spray Body Complete with a 1/8” Brass Needle Valve with 3/16” Brass Hose Barb.

Additional Accessories for I -400-1 Air & Water Combination Pressure Wash System:

  • E-C-325-CA: Reversible Spray Tip Only: Gives a full cone spray on one side; can be flipped over for a high velocity straight stream. 
  • S-1/2HH-25-N: Water Spray Nozzle Body Only No Tip(s) Included: Provides a no-splash full flow accepts all Tri-Con Spray Tips & Accessories. 
  • I-400-3: Pressure Booster Spray Head Complete: Threads onto Water Nozzle Body & Connects to air. 
  • V-S-1/2HH-25-RBK: Complete NDT Rebuild Kit for your S-1/2HH-25-N NDT Rinse Nozzle Only. 

Instructions: PDF