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Water Spray Nozzle Comparison Chart

Comparing The Versatile Tri-Con Sprayers Water Spray Nozzle to the Two Leading Competitors’ Water Spray Nozzles

Please note: anything in bold shows the advantage of either the Tri-Con Sprayers water spray nozzle or the two leading competitors’ water spray nozzles.



Tri-Con              Competitor 1               Competitor 2

Country of Origin                                                    

USA                     China       China

Year first Manufactured                                     1928                           1949                              1969

Body Material                                                                Zinc Zinc Zinc

Product Dimensions                                                         4.5 x 1 x 5 6.4 x 4.9 x 1.2                    6.4 x 4.9 x 1.2

Product Weight                                                               0.65                         0.4                                       0.4

Spray Nozzle Bodies Thickness                              1/8”                                    1/16”                        1/16”

Spray Nozzle Bodies Rated PSI                                     250 PSI                         60 PSI                   60 PSI

Ergo-Correct Full Pistol Grip Handle                              Yes                               No                             No

Interchangeable Spray Tips & Accessories                    Yes                               No                              No

Water Spray Nozzle Body Can Be Completely Rebuilt           Yes                                No                       No                    

You Can Replace all O-rings & Washers On or in the Water Spray Nozzle   Yes                  Just¾”HoseWasherHoseWasher on both

Water Flow Control Trigger Handle                                Yes Yes       Yes

Locking Trigger Handle                                                  Yes Yes   Yes

Commercial Grade Water Nozzle Body                          Yes                              No                                         No

Offers a True Fingertip  Adjustable Spray Patterns                 Yes                              No                              No

Insulated Body & Handle for Hot and Cold                            No Optional                          Optional

Threaded Tip to Attach Tips &  Accessories       Yes                              No                                 No

Optional Tips, Accessories & Replacement Part Available Yes                                No No

Fitting Size                                                                     5/8” 5/8” 5/8”

Hose Connection                                                             ¾” ¾” ¾”

Water Spray Nozzle can be Sterilized 

 Yes                           No                                No

Orders are hand assembled when you place your order     

Yes                                  No                             No

Products are Hand Tested Before Leaving Our Facilities

Yes                               No                                 No

Nozzle Bodies & All Parts are Made In-house or by Local Companies

Yes                             NO                                    No