Heavy duty metal garden hose nozzle with pistol grip trigger & reversible sprayer nozzle

F-C-125 Directions

(Please note 1/2HH Brass Spray Tip (used in NDT) will not thread into the F-C-125 Spray Tip.)

The professional-quality all-metal Tri-Con F-C-125 Heavy duty metal garden hose nozzle with pistol grip trigger & reversible sprayer nozzle has been the choice for industry and home for generations. Each nozzle has been proudly designed, engineered, tested, and assembled in Cleveland, Ohio since 1928. All Tri-Con F-C-125 nozzles are hand-assembled when your order is placed and individually hand-tested before they leave our facilities. Our hose nozzles are built to last and able to withstand hard daily use. Tri-Con’s extensive line of spraying accessories makes it easy for you to custom-design a system that will suit any need.

The F-C-125 comes complete with our patented 325 reversible sprayer nozzle, and while our one-piece valve assembly makes maintenance simple to ensure a long working lifespan, the F-C-125 can be completely rebuilt using our rebuild kit V-C-125-WRK ensuring you a lifetime of use. The multi-purpose F-C-125 provides flow control and instant on/off functionality with a squeeze of the trigger. The Ergo-Correct comfortable full-hand pistol grip makes it easy on your hands. The patented 325 reversible sprayer nozzle gives a full cone spray on one side, but can also be flipped over for a high-velocity straight stream or even removed entirely to provide a no-splash full flow. The Bottom D-Clip can be used to lock the trigger handle into place for a continuous spray.

This commercial-grade hose nozzle has a 100% zinc body and can be sterilized. Made with premium-quality metal parts including zinc, steel, brass, and aluminum, the F-C-125 connects to any standard ¾” garden hose.


  • H: 4.5” W: 1 ¼” L: 3”
  • Has a wall thickness of 1/8”
  • Rated for 250 PSI Max
  • Thread Diameter: ¾”
  • GPM with Trigger Handle Fully Engaged
  • Full Cone Spray: 3.5 GPM @ 80 PSI
  • Full Flow (without spray tip attached) : 7.5 GPM @ 80 PSI
  • High Velocity Straight Stream: 5 GPM @ 80 PSI

Package Includes:

  • (1) F-C-125-N: Heavy duty metal garden hose nozzle complete
  • (1) E-C-325-CA: Reversible sprayer nozzle

Additional Accessories for F-C-125 Heavy duty metal garden hose nozzle with pistol grip trigger & reversible sprayer nozzle:

  • F-C-125-N: Heavy duty metal garden hose nozzle complete only no sprayer nozzle Included: Provides a no-splash full flow accepts all Tri-Con Sprayer nozzle & Accessories.
  • E-C-125-M: Misting Sprayer Nozzle Only: Delivers a fine, gentle spray that is perfect for use on your produce items, seedlings or delicate cleaning jobs. 
  • E-C-325-CA: Reversible Sprayer Nozzle Only: Gives a full cone spray on one side; can be flipped over for a high velocity straight stream. 
  • E-C-725-CA: Adjustable Sprayer Nozzle Only: lets you control the flow with a simple turn, from seedling mist to jet stream. 
  • V-C-125-WRK: Complete Rebuild Kit for F-C-125-N Heavy Duty Metal Garden Hose Nozzle Complete Only. 

Instructions: PDF

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