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An image of An Image of a spray nozzle wand with a 360-degree tip with brass connectors connecting it to a white plastic nylon flex tube.

45-Degree Wand With Threaded Tip Assembly | O-1800-1-7"-T

Tri-Con Sprayers

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This wand can be attached to Tri-Con’s atomizing spray nozzle and is threaded for our 360-degree spray tip (sold separately). The bent steel tube is connected to a 3-foot piece of plastic nylon tubing with brass connectors. 


  • Wand: ¼-inch (outer diameter) x 7-inch steel tube threaded for 360-degree tip (sold separately - click here to buy 360-degree tip)
  • Tube: ¼-inch (outer diameter) x 36-inch plastic nylon flex tubing
  • Connectors: ¼-inch (inner diameter) brass male connect/disconnect nipple and ¼-inch (inner diameter) x ¼-inch brass compression connector