Professional Landscaping Kit

LSK-1 Instructions

The LSK-1 Professional Landscaping Kit is an Industrial Grade Heavy Duty, All Metal Multi-Purpose Spraying Equipment for use in Industrial, Commercial and Personal Use.

Tri-Con’s LSK-1 is an industry leading professional grade landscaping kit. Engineered to withstand the rigorous daily use, demanded by professional landscapers, gardeners, groundskeepers and homeowners alike. Offering unmatched versatility, ease of use, while ensuring years of consistent, reliable, durable and worry free use.

 This kit can be used for many different spraying needs around the house including watering hanging baskets, flower beds, potted plants, gardens, lawns, seedlings, shrubs, small trees. It can also be used to wash pets, vehicles, boats, RV’s, motorcycles, machinery, patio furniture, lawn equipment, windows, screens, siding, eves, spouting, gutters, garage doors, sidewalks, driveways, steps, porches, patios, decks, fences, sheds, and much more.

 Tri-Con offers an extensive line of spraying accessories and replacement parts. Making it easy for you to rebuild your current landscaping kit or to custom-design a system that will suit any need.

Water Nozzle Body Specifications:

  • Has a wall thickness of 1/8”
  • Water Spray Nozzle Body is rated for 250 PSI
  • H: 4.5” W: 1 ¼” L: 3”
  • Thread Diameter: ¾”
  • Connects to any standard ¾” garden hose

Water Wand Specifications:

  • 3/8” O.D. x ¼” I.D. x 24” Length

Heavy Duty Deep Root Watering/Soaker Tool Specifications:

  • 3/8” O.D. x ¼” I.D. x 40” Length

Package Includes & Product Information:

  • (1) E-C-325-CA Reversible Spray Tip: Our exclusive 325 reversible sprayer nozzle gives a full cone spray on one side, but can also be flipped over for a high-velocity straight stream.
  • (1) E-C-725-CA Adjustable Spray Tip: Our exclusive 725 sprayer nozzle lets you control the flow with a simple turn, from seedling mist to jet stream.
  • (1) E-C-125-M-CA Misting Spray Tip: delivers a fine, gentle spray that is perfect for use in delicate areas like watering seedlings or cleaning jobs that require a delicate touch. The O-ring and brass disc may be removed, to deliver a powerful concentrated flow. Great for cleaning dirt from crevices or machinery parts.
  • (1) E-222 Solid Brass Jet Sweeper Nozzle: delivers a powerful, concentrated flow when used to wash machinery and vehicles, however, its small design size makes it perfect for getting into intricate spaces. Connects to any standard ¾” garden hose. 
  • (1) F-C-125-N Water Spray Nozzle Body Complete: provides a no-splash full flow. Our exclusive commercial grade heavy duty garden hose nozzle, offers an Ergo-Correct comfortable, full hand pistol grip makes it comfortable to use, and the bottom latch can be used to lock the trigger handle in place for a continuous spray that won’t strain your hand. The top latch can be removed to allow easy access for rebuilding or cleaning your nozzle body. The F-C-125-N nozzle body can be completely rebuilt using our V-C-125-N-S-1/2HH-25-D complete rebuild kit, giving you a lifetime of use and connects to any standard ¾” garden hose.
  • (1) W-824-1-24” Zinc Plated Steel Water Wand Bent to a 45 degree with 2 adaptor nuts.
  • (1) W-825-1-40” Zinc Plated Steel Heavy Duty Deep Root Watering/Soaker Tool with Non Removable Straight through Hole Tip, Handle and Adjustable Foot Peg.