M-1600-1 Siphon Sprayer with 1 Qt. Metal Canister

For generations, the M-1600-1 Siphon Sprayer has been proudly engineered, designed, tested, and assembled in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Tri-Con sprayers and accessories have been the top choice for home and industry use since 1928. Every Tri-Con Sprayer Air Nozzle Body is hand assembled and tested by hand before leaving our facilities. The air nozzle is engineered to withstand hard daily use and Tri-Con’s extensive line of spraying accessories make it easy to custom-design a system that will tackle any job. Unlike our competitors, who often use plastic parts, Tri-Con only uses top quality metal parts made from zinc, aluminum, brass, and steel, to ensure maximum lifespan of use. A one-piece valve assembly makes maintenance simple.

The M-1600-1 Siphon Sprayer with 1 Qt. Metal Canister can be used as either an material sprayer or an air blow nozzle, depending on your needs. Ideal for spraying thick materials. Recommended uses include spraying on truck bed liner material or material undercoating for cars and trucks. You can also regulate the volume of material applied by using the regulator on the air compressor or by attaching your own regulator to the spray nozzle.

The commercial-grade spray nozzle comes with a 100% zinc body that is easy to clean and resists rust. The Ergo-Correct full-hand pistol grip is comfortable and easy to hold, giving you easy on/off capability with the squeeze or release of a trigger. The top D-Clip can be removed to facilitate the cleaning or rebuilding of your nozzle, and the M-1600-1 Siphon Sprayer with 1 Qt. Metal Canister can be completely rebuilt using the rebuild kit V-F-C-210-N-ARK. The M-1600-1 Siphon Sprayer with 1 Qt. Metal Canister connects to any standard 1/4” air hose.


  • Has a wall thickness of 1/8”
  • Rated for 125 PSI Max.
  • Thread Diameter: ¼’
  • Optimal Operating 70 PSI

Package Includes:

  • (1) Complete Tri-Con Air Nozzle Body
  • (1) 1 Quart Metal Aluminum Canister with 3” Opening to Easy Pour Thick Material into Canister
  • (1) 3” Aluminum Lid
  • (1) Spray Head Assembly Complete with K-811 Extension piece
  • (1) 4” Zinc Plated Steel Spray Wand with Adaptor Nut
  • (3) Interchangeable Tips: Blue – 9/32”, Red- ¼”, Silver-5/16 for the Spray Pattern You Require

Optional Accessories for M-1600-1 Siphon Sprayer 1 Qrt. Metal Canister:

  • M-1600: Spray head assembly, attaches to air nozzle body & pick-up tube screws into bottom. Price: $10.99
  • M-1600-LAC-3: 1 Quart 3 inch opening, canister and aluminum Lid. Price: $72.69
  • M-1608-B: 1/4” hole spray wand tip – blue, threads onto 4” spray wand. Price: $1.59
  • M-1608-R: 3/32” hole spray wand tip – red, threads onto 4 “ spray wand Price: $1.59
  • M-1608-S: 5/32” hole spray wand tip – silver, threads onto 4” spray wand
  • K-811: Extension adaptor, threads into the back of spray head & threads onto air nozzle body. Price: $2.59
  • F-C-210-N: Heavy duty pistol grip air blow nozzle. Price: $15.59
  • V-210-N-CRK: Complete rebuild kit for air nozzle only. Price: $6.99