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What Makes Our Spray Nozzles Different?

Red Tri-Con Spray Nozzle.

Are you tired of having to replace your spray nozzles year after year because you just can’t seem to find a brand that lasts? At Tri-Con, we understand your frustrations, and that’s why we’ve worked hard to develop spray nozzles that are different from the rest. Learn more about our spray nozzles and shop our wide selection today! 

American flag and a set of tools against a wooden background.

Made in the USA 

We’re American proud, and that’s why each of our Tri-Con spray nozzles are made right here in the USA. Our nozzles are manufactured in Cleveland, OH, and we source all of our materials locally. We believe in providing Americans with jobs and making quality products by hand.


Close-up of a piece of a Tri-Con spray nozzle.

Unrivaled Quality 

When it comes to spray nozzles, it’s all too common for companies to create products using low-quality, cheap materials. At Tri-Con, we do things differently. Our locally sourced materials are of the highest quality and have undergone rigorous testing to ensure we’re offering you the very best.

Infographic about Tri-Con Spray Nozzles

Plane on a runway.

Designed to Stand the Test of Time 

Your livelihood is important to you. Whether you work in agriculture, aviation, contracting, or anything in between, you need a spray nozzle that can get the job done. Tri-Con provides you with industrial strength nozzles so you never have to worry about functionality. Not to mention, our spray nozzles are built-to-last so you can get the most use out of your nozzles for years to come!

Sheet with various spray nozzle parts on it.

Completely Rebuidable 

Protecting the environment and saving our customers money are two of the most important things at Tri-Con. That’s why we’ve created spray nozzles that are completely rebuildable. Now, instead of replacing the entire nozzle each time something goes wrong, you can simply replace individual parts. Shop spray nozzles that last a lifetime today!

    Discover Premier Spray Nozzles

    No matter your industry, Tri-Con offers high-quality, durable spray nozzles for your needs. Reach out to us today to browse our selection or learn more about our products.