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Why Choose Our Water Spray Nozzles?

When it comes to watering your lawn and gardens, the type of water spray nozzles you invest in can play a significant part in your watering and herbicide program each year. Where your nozzles are made and what they do matters! Tri-Con Sprayers offer industrial-strength sprayers for all your watering needs. Here’s a few reasons why you should decide on our water spray nozzles over the rest.

Made in America

Every one of our spray nozzles is manufactured right here in the USA. That means our industrial-strength hose sprayers come backed by industry-leading service that’s there when you need it. From horticultural initiatives to the construction industry, we support local business and always aim to buy American-made as well!

Completely Rebuildable

The best thing about Tri-Con water spray nozzles is that all of our units are completely rebuildable. That’s right, if a part of your spray nozzle breaks, you can get a parts package to quickly repair your unit before it impacts your next watering session. Not only does this simplify repairs, but it insures you’ll never have to purchase a new spray nozzle again.

Many Industries Already Utilize Our Products

From luxury landscaping firms to professional sports fields, our water spray nozzles play an integral part in every day operations across the country. But the horticultural industry isn’t the only user of our products. Many other sectors rely on Tri-Con hose sprayers as well. Farmers, ranchers, contractors, and pest control specialists all use Tri-Con water spray nozzles to ensure the job’s done right.

A Water Spray Nozzle For Every Need

Our lineup of spray nozzles gives you a nozzle for any need. Our professional landscaping kit is built for the daily needs of a busy crew, while our heavy-duty garden hose sprayer’s stylish and durable design can help your backyard wonderland look tip-top all summer long. Whether your hobby is located in your backyard or you run a full-scale arboretum, your need for a high-quality water sprayer or material applicator is second to none. Stop settling for those cheap garden hose sprayers and experience the difference a Tri-Con water spray nozzle can make. Contact us today to learn more about how Tri-Con sprayers and nozzles get the job done.

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