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The History of Tri-Con Sprayers

Some of you may already know that Tri-Con Sprayers has been around and selling industrial hose nozzles and other nozzle products since 1928! Between 1928 and now (2020), a lot has happened. In today’s blog, we talk about some of the more notable events in our history as a company. Keep reading more to learn about Tri-Con Sprayers and don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions!


In 1928, Tri-Con Sprayers was born. Tri-Con Sprayers was founded by the Hengesbach family in Euclid, OH. They started in a small building and were one of the first businesses to offer a 100% metal, multi-purpose water spray nozzle. The water spray nozzle has evolved some over the years and has inspired the creation of many of the industrial hose nozzles we offer today. Back then, everything was made in the U.S.A. To this day, all of our products at Tri-Con Sprayers are manufactured in the United States.


By 1932, Tri-Con Sprayers had outgrown their small building in Euclid and the Hegesbach family relocated the business to Tungsten Road in Euclid. This is the location where industrial spray nozzles, water spray nozzles, and other accessories were manufactured for many years to come.


Back in the spring of 2003, the Hengesbach family sold Tri-Con Sprayers to a company named Tungsten Capital Partners. Tungsten Capital Partners stayed in the current location until 2004 when they moved the business a few miles up the road to South Green Road in Euclid. 

Additionally, in 2003, Tri-Con Sprayers moved production of industrial hose nozzles and all of our other products from in-house to reputable, local facilities in the Ohio area. Tri-Con Sprayer’s water spray nozzles and air blow nozzles are made in Warrensville Heights. Springs, D-clips, and trigger handles are all made in Cleveland. And all of our other products, parts, and tips are made in Wickliffe. Fear not, though. To this day, every order is hand-assembled and hand-tested before leaving the facility. Just because our processes have expanded some does not mean that we have sacrificed any of our quality or values in any way.


In the fall of 2007, Conard Holdings LLC purchased Tri-Con Sprayers from Tungsten Capital Partners, turning Tri-Con Sprayers into a family-owned and operated business once again. Conrad Holdings LLC is still the current owner to this day. The Tri-Con Facility remained at this location for about five more years.


2012 was the year when Tri-Con Sprayers relocated from its location in South Euclid to where it is today in Columbia Station, OH. 

Tri-Con Sprayers 2020

Today, our team at Tri-Con Sprayers is proud of how far we’ve come, how much we’ve changed, and how much we have stayed the same over the years. Our uncompromising quality standards and processes for our products have remained very much the same, but perhaps on a slightly larger scale. We still offer the same 100% metal, U.S.-made water spray nozzle products, but have added a variety of other nozzles to join the line-up. We now offer industrial hose nozzles, air blow nozzles, pest control sprayers, and much more! To learn more about our products, feel free to check out our shop page or contact us directly at Tri-Con Sprayers today!

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