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Reasons Why Our Water Spray Nozzle is the Best on the Market

When you’re tending your garden, there’s few things more frustrating than screwing your spray nozzle onto your garden hose and then finding out that it’s broken when it starts spraying water all over you. There’s a lot of water hose spray nozzles out there, and a lot of them are just not built well. So if you're looking for the absolute best option for your money, Tri-Con’s water spray nozzle is miles ahead of the competition. After reading this post, you’ll have learned what sets us apart from the other guys and why those differences are so important. So don’t hesitate — buy one today, and rest assured that you’re getting the best!

Undeniable Quality

At Tri-Con, we only allow the highest-grade materials for making our products and we manufacture everything right here in the United States of America, so you can be sure that our products are built with higher standards than any of the spray nozzle products being mass produced in third-world countries.

One of the qualities that sets our spray nozzles apart is that they are made with 1/8 inch sidewalls. We know that our customers often work in demanding and rough work environments, which means their equipment is going to be very well-used. We embrace that fact and we build our products to withstand even the heaviest abuse. 1/8 inch side walls ensures that even if you throw this thing at a brick wall, the wall might chip, but your spray nozzle is gonna keep on working great. It also ensures that our nozzles won’t corrode and will last a lifetime.

Completely Rebuildable

In the event that you get something stuck inside the nozzle or you have a build up of sediment within the components, we have designed the whole thing to be completely rebuildable so that you can take it apart, perform whatever maintenance you need to, and then easily put it all back together. This is one of the properties that helps our nozzles last so long. Even if one of the smaller parts gets damaged or has an issue, you can fix that small problem and keep using the product as a whole.

Insanely Versatile

Definitely the best quality of our water hose spray nozzles — and indeed the main reason people love them so much — is their versatility. When you buy a Tri-Con nozzle, you’re not just buying a single tool; you’re buying an entire system that can be customized to fit whatever job you need it for.

Not only do our base nozzles have multiple ways you can use them, we also offer extra attachments that can give you even more options on how to use them. You can buy an extender to extend the range of the sprayer, making it an excellent option for cleaning gutters or getting deep into hard to reach spaces. You can even add our pressure washer system that allows you to attack the sprayer to your ¼ inch air hose and turn this tool into the most powerful garden hose attachment you’ve ever seen.


Surprisingly Affordable

We’ve seen the other guys out there and we know how expensive a good commercial grade water spray nozzle can cost. Because of that, we have worked very hard at bringing down our cost to consumers as much as possible to ensure our customers are getting the best deal possible. Considering the quality and versatility of our products, we are very proud to offer our products at a price point that makes them truly the best deal on the market.

So what are you waiting for? Check out our water hose spray nozzle products, and buy one today! We promise you’ll be impressed with what you see.

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