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How To Spot An Insect Infestation In Your Garden

Most garden enthusiasts face pest issues from time to time. However, having a bug in your garden is not a big issue. Even the most robust gardens have a few bugs and still produce excellent harvests. What's important is maintaining a healthy garden equipped with devices like an industrial hose nozzle and a water spray nozzle

At Tri-Con, we are here to ensure you have everything you need for a healthy garden, especially if you start to suspect an insect infestation is occurring within it. In today’s blog, we will share some tips on how to tell if you have pesky visitors in your garden. 

What is an insect infestation?

Insect infestation occurs when parasites and insects invade an area, for example, your garden. Insect infestations can wreak havoc on your garden, causing plants and flowers to wither. While this issue usually arises in dry places, infestations can also occur in places with strong winds. It is because these insects and pests travel with the wind. If you live in a dry region, we recommend keeping your garden hydrated and healthy by installing a water spray nozzle or an industrial hose nozzle to avoid insect infestation.

Why It’s Important To Keep An Eye Out For Insect Infestations

You don't want your garden to be ruined, right? That is why you need to spot signs of infestations to catch it before it takes over. In addition, identifying garden insects and pests will help you determine whether anti-pest action is required or not. For example, if the insects in your garden have a very short lifespan and less reproduction rate, you may not need to take anti-pest actions. 

Ways to spot an insect infestation: 

Before you take any action, there are several ways of identifying garden pests to spot an infestation, including: 

  • Identifying by physical description: Analyze the insect's color, size, shape, wings, and other physical attributes.  
  • Identify by type of damage caused: Many insects leave behind a distinctive feeding pattern which can help you identify the insect, and identify the type of infestation.  
  • Examining the host plant: Leaf-eating insects usually feast on a selected few species of plants. Matching plant species with the insect feasting on it is a good way to identify insect infestation. 

We hope you found some helpful tips and tricks in today's blog! If you're looking for industrial-strength sprayers backed by industry-leading service, explore the rest of our site today. All of the water spray nozzles and industrial hose nozzles from Tri-Con are 100% metal and made in the USA. Buy yours online today

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