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Good Critters For Your Lawn and Garden

 If you are a homeowner with a garden or even just a yard, it’s a good idea to know what bugs are beneficial to keep around and what bugs need to go. In today’s blog at Tri-Con Sprayers, we talk about five good critters to keep around your lawn and garden. Keep reading to learn more and be sure to check out our pest control industrial hose nozzles at Tri-Con Sprayers for DIY pest control!

The Good Guys

These are the bugs that most people are alright with hanging around their lawns and gardens. They fend off the bad bugs, pollinate, and provide overall benefits for your environment. These are the bugs you should not chase off with industrial hose nozzles.

good versus bad bugs infographic


Who doesn’t love Ladybugs? We humans tend to be big fans because of their seemingly gentle nature and pretty coloring. But don’t be fooled, if you are an aphid or mite, you’re in big trouble with these bugs around! Ladybugs and Ladybug larva consume the more troublesome pests in your garden and lawn.

Ground Beetles

Ground Beetles aren’t quite as cute-looking as Ladybugs, but they are just as successful predators. Ground Beetles eat a variety of harmful pests like caterpillars, slugs, and more. But be warned, while this beetle is beneficial to your lawn and garden, most other beetles are not!

Visiting Bees

Bees are great for gardens! They pollinate flowers and vegetables to help them flourish. Not to mention they produce delicious honey. But, we mention visiting because while bees may help your garden grow, they aren’t always ideal to have around in your backyard. You want bees to drop by and pollinate for you, but it’s better if they move along afterward rather than making themselves at home in your backyard.

Minute Pirate Bug

This little critter is another predator that will help out by eating the less-than-ideal bugs that can hang around gardens and lawns. Minute Pirate Bugs eat anything from Weevils to Mealybugs and everything in between! These bugs are often found in black and white colors and have an elongated, flattened, oval appearance. If you spot one or two of these critters, no need to break out the pesticide and industrial hose nozzles, we recommend letting them pass on by! In fact, some people even purchase them to place in their garden to protect against the non-beneficial pests!


While many people’s initial reaction to a spider is to kill it and get rid of it immediately, it’s worthwhile to take a moment and consider. Many spiders you’ll find around your garden and lawn are predators. It’s well known that spiders are excellent at pest control. So, if you’re seeing a few around, it must mean that they are eating something, right? Considering spiders eat bugs and pests you don’t want in your lawn and garden, it’s worth letting them continue doing their job.

Pest Control Industrial Hose Nozzles at Tri-Con Sprayers

That’s all we have for today’s blog at Tri-Con Sprayers! Those are five of a few bugs that can be beneficial for your lawn and garden. If you see them around, think twice before calling an exterminator or giving them a squish! Stay tuned for our next blog where we discuss the harmful bugs for your garden and lawn and when it’s time to bust out the industrial hose nozzles!

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