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Features Every Good Water Spray Nozzle Should Have

Do you ever feel like things just aren’t made like they used to be? Seems like everything that used to be made durable and to last is made from cheap plastic that barely makes it more than a year or two. That’s why at Tri-Con Sprayers, we try to do things a little differently. In today’s blog, we talk about features that we think every industrial hose nozzle and water spray nozzle should have. Keep reading to learn more and check out our inventory of quality-made industrial hose nozzles and water spray nozzles today.

Made in the U.S.A.

Take a look at practically any product these days and you’ll likely see “Made in China.” With everything being cheaply manufactured in China, product quality has gone down and that money is going to China rather than to help support the U.S. economy. We think one of the best features of any industrial hose nozzle is when they are made right here in the U.S. of A. That way, you know that it was built right and that the cost to manufacture the industrial hose nozzles stayed here in-country to support our economy rather than a foreign country’s.

Full Rebuildability

If you want something to last, it has to be easy to maintain, repair, and work on in general. This applies to most products in life, but this is especially true for industrial hose nozzles and water spray nozzles. If you can’t replace parts that wear down over time or rebuild a product from scratch, you essentially have to throw it away after anything goes wrong with it. Rather than throwing away something that was functional not that long ago, invest in a product that you can fix. When you invest in a product that you have the ability to maintain rather than just throw in the garbage, you have a product that will last you a lifetime.


Along the same lines of durability, Tri-Con Sprayers believes a good water spray nozzle should be durable. That’s why we insist on making all of our industrial hose nozzles and water spray nozzles out of metal. We can’t speak for others in the industry, but each and every one of our products has an all-metal construction that is assembled by hand. When it comes to features you’ll want in your water spray nozzle, durability should be high on the list. Who wants to keep making trips to the store and spending more money year after year on sub-par nozzles and equipment?


While the above features are certainly important, versatility is a feature that will really add value to your water spray nozzle. If your water spray nozzle only has one setting, it makes it a lot less useful. When looking for the right water spray nozzle, it’s important to find one that is versatile enough to do everything you need it to. At Tri-Con Sprayers, our industrial hose nozzles and water sprayers are threaded to accept a wide variety of attachments and accessories. This makes it so you can use your water spray nozzle for just about anything you need from gently watering plants to blasting mud off dirty car mats.


It may sound silly, but think about it — if you are going to be using your water sprayer for an extended period of time, why not make sure it’s comfortable to hold and use? We prefer to use water spray nozzles that have an ergonomic design. That way, no matter how long it takes to hose the dog down, you can comfortably keep it up all day.

A side note on comfortability: One often overlooked feature is the ability to lock the handle into place for continuous spray. This is one of the most convenient quality-of-life features of any industrial hose nozzle that you will be using for more than a minute or two.

Tri-Con Sprayers

Thanks for taking the time to check out today’s blog post at Tri-Con Sprayers! We hope you’ve learned a little about our favorite water spray nozzle features and have added some of these features to your wish list. If you are in the market for U.S.-made, rebuildable, durable, versatile, comfortable water spray nozzles, then check out our sprayers at Tri-Con Sprayers today!

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