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Best Ways to Use Your Water Spray Nozzle This Summer


Summer is just around the corner! Hopefully, by then, stay-at-home orders will be lifted and everyone will be able to enjoy some fun in the sun. Today’s blog post at Tri-Con Sprayers is a more fun and lighthearted post. We are going to talk about five of the very best ways you can use your water spray nozzles once the warm summer weather hits. Keep reading to learn more! 


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Cooling Off the Kids

If you have kiddos locked up with you at home, they may or may not be driving you crazy. Get your parental revenge in a fun and satisfying manner by spraying your kids down with the water spray nozzle at Tri-Con Sprayers. They’ll enjoy being cooled off, have fun running around trying to avoid being sprayed, and you’ll feel slightly satisfied for getting your lovable-but-trying child with the water. 


Don’t have kids of your own? Nieces, nephews, young cousins, friend’s kids, and more are acceptable substitutes!

Playing With/Cleaning the Dog

It can be tough to find the time to bathe your dog during the cold winter months. Summertime is the perfect cleaning opportunity for your dog. They’ll love the warm weather and, when you are spraying them, they might think it’s a fun game! Just make sure to use dog-safe soap/shampoo so they stay safe, have fun, and smell much better. You can always clean your dog inside your home in a bathtub, but things can get messy quickly. Why not quickly and easily bathe your dog outside with a water spray nozzle from Tri-Con Sprayers and have a ball doing it? 


As a bonus, when you are watering grass, some dogs love to jump up and bite the stream of water coming out of the water spray nozzle! It’s always good for a laugh and is tons of fun. Looking for your next water spray nozzle? Check our various high-quality options at Tri-Con Sprayers.

Watering Plants and Grass

Our next few best uses for your water spray nozzle are not quite as exhilarating, but that doesn’t make them any less valuable of uses. Watering your plants, grass, trees, and other greenery around your property has never been easier than with our water spray nozzle. It has easy-to-use settings and tips that help give you the exact spray pattern and water flow you need. There is nothing quite as relaxing or rejuvenating as watering the lawn on a warm summer evening or gently showering your flower garden as the sun comes up. 

Cleaning Cars

Summertime is the time where you can finally comfortably clean your own car again. Carwashes aren’t always effective at getting everything off your car. Not to mention car washes add up as time goes on. Using your water spray nozzle to wash your vehicles is a cost-effective, fun way to spend a warm summer day. Your vehicle will look shiny and new, you will certainly feel a sense of accomplishment, and it’s a fun activity you can share with a spouse, children, or other loved ones!

Washing Decks/Patios and the House

Sweeping decks, garages, and patios can be time-consuming and menial tasks. Our team at Tri-Con Sprayers much prefers to use water spray nozzles to clean these areas. This method includes little to no labor — just stand, aim, and spray! It’s also worth mentioning that spraying down patios, decks, and garages is much more efficient as a cleaning method. Your surfaces will get much cleaner much faster. 

Tri-Con Sprayers

At Tri-Con Sprayers, we don’t make flimsy, plastic hose nozzles with cheap parts imported from China. We make 100% metal, 100% American, 100% quality water spray nozzles and other nozzle products for commercial and residential use. When you purchase any one of our products, you can be confident that it was engineered to last and get the job done. Tons of people across the globe trust our products for commercial and residential use. This summer, treat yourself to a little practical fun by trying out our water spray nozzle at Tri-Con Sprayers! We’re certain you will be glad you did.

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